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Magicjack Device Not Working_(1)

Magicjack Device Not Working

Value of Magicjack in lives of loquacious people cannot be concluded in words. This VoIP based communication system gives them fantastic reasons to enjoy the delightful life while sharing each and every experience with family and friends. The best benefit of this new age gizmo is it does not require you to compromise on the economic terms. You apparently do not pay a single dime to meet the expectations. Administration actually hopes to serve more and more subscribers in a lucrative way. For the same, they provide free services for the limited time purchase of new unit. You need to subscribe for a pack, once free service reaches the end, to continue enjoying the unlimited talks.
Magicjack is a technical facility. Therefore, always remains prone to failure. Never get worried regarding this constraint. Technical teams keep eagle eye watch over every possible concern consequently never leave a single stone unturned when it comes to deliver the outstanding services. In order to annihilate the possibilities of all types of unpredictable occurrences, they provide step by step guide. Their guidelines are free to read at any point of time. Due to this policy, sudden expenses do not dent bank savings or pocket in any way. Fetch the required details online to boost the confidence and make a profitable decision.
Start the purchase process as soon as possible. And, follow the stipulated steps to install Magicjack. However, you will not face any kind of difficulty during the installation process. If common/rare issues make you uncomfortable to accomplish the exercise then do not panic for anything. All issues are completely resolvable. Next, we are providing the confirmed details regarding the considerable issues which basically take place during the said exercise. Go through the details and help yourself in a comfy way. Entire details are easy to read, understand and implement.

Main issues which might restrict proper functioning of Magicjack device despite having proper connectivity to laptop/desktop are as follows:

a)No internet connection:

It is one of basic issues that occur during Magicjack installation process. In order to overcome the blues of this problem, you just need to ensure proper internet connectivity. Open a browser at your Laptop/Desktop and carry out common search to check whether internet is working properly or not. If, everything is working properly and still you are facing the problem then follow below mentioned corrective steps without any delay.

magicJack No internet connection_2
  • Contact Internet service provider and request for faster connectivity
  • Connect cable from computer directly to modem while using Magicjack
  • Press “Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Delete” on keyboard
  • Click “Applications” and then right-click “Magicjack.”
  • Select “Go to Process” and again right-click on “Magicjack”
  • Choose “Set Priority” and select “High” or “Above Normal”
  • Press “OK” before using Magicjack again
  • Close unused software while using Magicjack as well as pause downloading of any kind of content

Executive of internet service provider generally reaches at the mentioned address and time to fix the issue. For the same, you can easily help yourself through a simple phone call.

b)Subscription is no longer valid:

Magicjack certainly requires valid subscription period to function properly. If you are running out of the subscription period then follows steps underneath to use your VoIP device again with full functionality.

MagicJack subscription
  • Visit and log in
  • Select “Account” at top of the screen
  • Locate the device name you want to renew
  • Select “Add Months” or “Click to Reactivate”
  • Choose plan as per your need and click “Add to Cart”
  • Select shipping & billing address
  • Provide credit card/debit card details
  • Make choice to enable auto-renewal feature
  • Agree to the subscriber’s agreement
  • Verify information and select “Complete Order”

Valid subscription pack is the basic requirement for Magicjack to work properly. The reason to feel delighted is affordable packs for longer duration are easily available with the administration. Out of them, you can opt for any without any constraint. Company’s policies help each and everyone with the uniform standard. All you need doing to multiply the benefits without any problem is to decide on timely basis.

c)Wires are not properly connected: Magicjack installation requires the detailed exercise before starting to work normally. So, it is very necessary tokeep below mentioned points in mind while carrying out the text.

magicjack Wires are not properly_connected
  • Attach Ethernet cord into the right port
  • Connect phone to the dedicated slot
  • Ensure proper power supply through adapter

Proper wiring is inevitable to harvest the expected results. Top of the line analysts opine to plug out and plug in all connections again when find that device is not working appropriately. Most of the time, some connections do not transmit signals as per the standards. And, above described procedure proves extremely helpful to fetch up to the mark results.


Subscribers essentially have to be careful while installing Magicjack upon iOS running Mac. To ensure proper functioning over Mac OS El Capitan/Sierra please follow these guidelines:

  • Download new Softphone application
  • Double-click this app

New firmware update download is also required. Follow this step by step guide to help yourself:

  • Download new firmware update
  • Connect Magicjack to Mac OS Sierra computer
  • Double-click firmware file
  • Terminal will indicate about the upgrade process
  • Unplug MJ device and plug in back

iOS running devices undoubtedly deliver commendable results as far as professional assignments or household tasks are concerned. But, they also require you to follow the specialized steps to earn delights. Do the needful as soon as possible to become a proud beneficiary.

e)Power port is not working properly: Magicjack essentially requires to be connected to running power port to deliver the optimum results. Therefore, always connect with genuine adapter:

magicjack Power adaptor is not working properly
  • Connect using the right adapter as well as ensure appropriate power supply

No electronic device works properly without power. For the same, you also have to ensure proper power connectivity for your favorite VoIP device.

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